ICJP calls on EU to move forward with plans to demand an independent investigation into the killing of Shireen Abu Akleh 

The ICJP, who with the IFJ and the PJS have today submitted a complaint to the ICC regarding with killing of Shireen Abu Akleh and the shooting of Ali Samoudi in May this year, call on the European Union to ensure that the language contained in the statement the Union is preparing in advance of their meeting with Yair Lapid next month retains calls for an independent investigation into the killing of Shireen. 


EU countries are set to finalise the wording of their demands tomorrow, (Wednesday), and a document seen by Al Jazeera yesterday suggests that the initial draft has been watered down, with the original call for a “thorough and independent investigation that clarifies all the circumstances of Shireen Abu Akleh’s death, and that brings those responsible for her killing to justice” having been edited to remove the word ‘independent’ and references to the executive mandate of the probe.  


Commenting, ICJP Director Tayab Ali said; 


in light of the evidence provided to the ICC and various international jurisdictions and organisations regarding the deliberate and targeted nature of Shireens killing, to demand anything less than a thorough and independent criminal investigation which brings those responsible for her killing to account and justice would be a dereliction of the EUs duties under international law, and would risk contributing towards an environment of impunity that allows Israel to continue targeting Palestinian journalists and media infrastructure without recourse.” 


In light of the available evidence, which suggests that the killing of Shireen was targeted, deliberate, and part of a broader pattern of the deliberate targeting of journalists and media infrastructure by Israeli forces, to drop or dilute calls for an independent investigation would represent a dereliction of the EUs duty under international law, putting at risk the EUs commitment to protecting freedom of press. It is unconscionable that the EU would consider failing in its institutional duties in this way, and we urge all EU member countries involved in deciding on the wording of this statement to ensure that its strength is retained, and to push forward in demanding justice and accountability for Shireen, and other journalists targeted by the Israeli forces, in their meeting with Israeli prime minister Yair Lapid next month. 





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