ICJP statement on Israeli strikes against civilians in Gaza

The ICJP deplores the ongoing and criminal Israeli assault against Palestinian civilians in besieged Gaza and calls for an immediate international intervention to hold Israel accountable.

At least 25 Palestinians have reportedly been killed by Israeli fire including at least five children and four women, while 76 others were injured. The Israeli military assault started on the night of the 9th of May 2023, as Israel targeted families in residential areas in their sleep. Israeli occupying forces have also closed Erez crossing for the third day in a row, denying hundreds of patients from leaving Gaza to receive treatment in hospitals in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Israel.

Israel’s deadly attacks on Gaza are in violation of the provisions of international human rights law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law, and may amount to the war crime of wilful killing. We at ICJP call on the office of the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately act within the enormous and persuasive powers it holds.

The Israeli attacks come at a time when Palestinians are reminded of two significantly tragic incidents. 11th of May marks one year since renowned Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s killing, whilst the commemoration of 75 years since the Nakba takes place on the 15th of May. These events and everything in between have served as a basis for perpetrating and entrenching Israel’s brutal military rule, racism and apartheid against Palestinians.

This Israeli offensive on Gaza is an escalation of the oppressive measures and polices of the Israeli authorities that have intensified in recent months. Palestinians everywhere in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) have been subjected to daily deadly incursions on cities in the occupied West Bank, increased home demolitions, arbitrary detentions and calls from members of a right wing and extremist Israeli government for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. These attacks also come a mere month after Israeli forces repeatedly and violently assaulted peaceful worshippers in Al-Aqsa Mosque, during the holy month of Ramadan.

The need for real and substantive accountability is now more crucial than ever. This persistent and inexcusable pattern of international silence against abhorrent Israeli crimes has served and shielded Israel from answering for its very own criminal actions against the ongoing and seemingly endless suffering of Palestinians.