Al Adwa building summary executions- ICJP condemns the reported killing of at least 11 unarmed men in front of their families

London, 21st December 2023 – Disturbing reports have emerged today that at least eleven unarmed Palestinian men have been killed in front of their family members in Al Remal neighbourhood, Gaza City. The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians utterly condemns the intentional targeting and killing of civilians and calls on the International Criminal Court to act swiftly to maintain its legitimacy and credibility.

According to information received by the  UN Human Rights Office in the occupied Palestinian territory, (OHCHR OPT), on the 19th December 2023, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) surrounded and raided Al Adwa building in Al Remal, Gaza City. The raid took place between 2000 and 2300 local time. 

Al Adwa building, also known as the ‘Annan building’ was inhabited by three related families who were sheltering, in addition to Annan family. Eyewitness reports on Al Jazeera gave evidence saying that the IDF separated the men from the women and children in these families and then shot at least eleven of them in front of their family members.

The UN report released then described how the IDF allegedly ordered women and children into a room, and then either shot at or threw a grenade into the room, injuring several including an infant and a child.

Eyewitness interviews with Al Jazeera also mentioned how men and children were stripped and how the building was shelled by tanks following the raid. Preliminary reports from the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor suggest that at least 13 people have been killed from AI-Ghalayini and the Annan families, and their displaced in-laws from Al-Ashi and Al-Shurafa families.

As more reports emerge every day showing overwhelming evidence of war crimes being perpetrated by the Israeli Defence Forces, the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians calls on the International Criminal Court to act swiftly to maintain its legitimacy and credibility. It also calls on complicit states to call for an immediate ceasefire. War crimes are being committed daily whilst the UK government continues to resist calls for an immediate ceasefire. 

ICJP Director Tayab Ali said: 

“The strength and credibility of evidence that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) are engaged in war crimes has become overwhelming. The world can see and hear testimony directly from eyewitnesses in Gaza on their television screens leaving them in little doubt about the allegations.

The US, UK and international community must immediately halt their support and facilitation of war crimes. There is little time left for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to act if it is to maintain its legitimacy and credibility. It must make clear and immediate preventative statements and issue arrest warrants for senior members of the Israeli government that are in command and control of their forces which are alleged to have violated international humanitarian law. 

If the situation in Gaza is allowed to continue and no accountability follows what has happened, there will be serious implications for peace and security around the world for decades.”


Notes to Editors

  1. The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians is an independent organisation of lawyers, politicians and academics who support the rights of Palestinians and aim to protect their rights through the law.  
  1. The OHCHR OPT report can be found here.
  1. The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor report can be found here.
  1. Eyewitness accounts televised on Al Jazeera can be found here.
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