Ghassan Abu Sittah Legal Fund 

Professor Ghassan Abu Sittah is a British-Palestinian plastic and reconstructive war surgeon and the current Rector of the University of Glasgow, following his recent election in March 2024. Professor Ghassan has worked in many war zones including in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Gaza. He has worked in aid of the people of Gaza continually over the years in response to the many attacks launched by Israel. In October 2023, Professor Ghassan spent 43 days in besieged Gaza and was a witness to the atrocious crimes and attacks carried out against medical facilities such as the bombing of Al-Ahli Hospital and the siege of Al Shifa Hospital. During his tireless work, he was also a first-hand witness to the dwindling of medical supplies because of the blockade imposed by Israel and its systematic destruction of Gaza’s healthcare system. 

Ghassan’s efforts did not stop when he left Gaza. Upon his return to the UK, Professor Ghassan insisted on telling the world what he witnessed and endured, calling for justice and accountability. Professor Ghassan agreed to cooperate with Scotland Yard by giving his testimony to help document the war crimes committed by Israel.  

Following his submission of evidence and countless talks and interviews, Professor Ghassan returned to University of Glasgow, where he completed his medical education in 1988, to stand as a candidate to be Rector. In his manifesto, Professor Ghassan promised to amplify the voices of students and their opposition to Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza. He vowed to call for the University to divest from companies involved in the arms trade with Israel and to end its complicity in the slaughter of Palestinians. He achieved a landslide victory in the March rectorial election winning 80 percent of votes and causing voter turnout to more than double since the last rector elections in 2021. 

Despite the overwhelming mandate he received from students, Professor Ghassan has been under fire due to his activism and his election as rector of the University of Glasgow. His election caused an uproar from media outlets who launched smear campaigns and made several defamatory and unfounded claims against him. Even more outrageously, he was denied entry to Germany, detained for three hours and ultimately deported. He had been travelling simply to speak at a conference. 

Ghassan has faced incessant harassment in response to his humanitarian work in Gaza. To help Professor Ghassan in his calls for justice, the upholding of international and accountability for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against humanity, you can donate now to help him finance his legal fees.  

Professor Ghassan Abu Sittah is legally supported by the International Centre of Justice of Palestinians, ICJP provides legal advice and advocacy to Professor Ghassan. The funds raised will be utilised by ICJP to cover legal procedures for Professor Ghassan.

Funds will enable us to: 

Protect Professor Ghassan from possible cases of defamation; 

Legally support Professor Ghassan in any possible situation where he may need legal aid; 

Support Professor Ghassan in his pursuit of justice for Palestinians through legal aid. 

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