Justice for Gaza Campaign


In times of conflict, justice is often the first casualty. We need your support to help gather evidence of war crimes on the ground in Gaza. 

The International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP), is an independent organisation of dedicated lawyers, academics, and politicians, that seeks to use the rule of law to achieve justice and protect the rights of Palestinians. Nobody is above the rule of law, and we argue for a system of legal accountability applied equally to Palestinians and Israelis. 

ICJP recently submitted a notice of intention to prosecute politicians who aid and abet war crimes. We wrote directly to Rishi Sunak MP, Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer MP, Leader of the Opposition, and several other UK politicians warning of the risk of prosecution if their statements amounted to encouraging war crimes in Gaza. Mere hours after ICJP’s initial notice on Saturday, Keir Starmer retracted his defence of Israel cutting off power and water, illegal under international law. However, his statement did not condemn the perpetration of war crimes by Israel and did not mention proportionality. 

Our ‘Justice for Gaza’ campaign shines a light on the harsh realities on the ground, where the impacts of war continue to devastate innocent civilians daily with over 8,000 people killed. 

We are building an international legal case by gathering evidence of potential war crimes committed in Gaza. This difficult and dangerous work requires substantial resources to be carried out meticulously. 

We are aiming to raise £50,000 to expand our efforts to forensically document war crimes by Israeli forces during this ongoing crisis. 

Funds will enable us to: 

Provide protection and logistics for our investigative teams in Gaza 

Gather, record and preserve crucial evidence to uphold Palestinian rights 

Engage domestic and international legal systems to pursue accountability 

Amplify Palestinian voices calling for justice 

Underscore the need for a just political solution 

By contributing to the Justice for Gaza campaign, you are not just donating – you are advocating for a world where justice prevails despite turmoil. Every pound brings us closer to uncovering the truth, delivering justice, and achieving peace for Palestine. 

Join us in this crucial effort. Your support provides the grassroots strength for us to stand firm, share stories from Gaza, and tirelessly pursue legal accountability. Each donation helps us to take direct action to preserve Palestinian rights and dignity during these challenging times. 

Together, let’s build a foundation of justice for Gaza, step-by-step. 

Donate now to stand with Gaza, stand for justice, and pave the path to legal equity for Palestinians.