Palestinians Under Surveillance

This is the daily life of many Palestinians living in Palestine and systematically subjected to Israeli surveillance. From CCTV Cameras to drones and other technologies, every detail of people’s lives is monitored, tracked and censored. Israel is taking the lead internationally in the surveillance industry, which they develop and test on Palestinians in the occupied territories before exporting those tools and expertise to other oppressive regimes and governments worldwide to profit from the military occupation. In a context in which Israel exerts total control over the information and communications technology sector infrastructure in the occupied territories, there are no limits to the invasion of Palestinians’ private and public lives and the violations of their digital rights.


This is why we have joined 7amleh’s social media campaign #LifeUnderSurveillance, alongside other partners and allies. The campaign aims to tell you about the Palestinian experience of living under a multilayered system of pervasive surveillance. 

How to help? Help us amplify the voices of Palestinians who have lived under the surveillance state for decades.

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