Attacks by Israeli Forces in Jenin see deadliest death toll from a single operation since UN records began

26th January 2023 – London: This morning, attacks by Israeli Forces in Jenin, killed 9 Palestinians and saw the deadliest toll ever recorded from a single operation since United Nations records began. 


The raid was an unprecedented escalation in violence from the IOF, and adds to the 29 Palestinians already killed by Israeli Forces since 1st January 2023.  


Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Kaileh said that Red Crescent medical workers were unable to evacuate the wounded due to Israeli soldiers restricting access to the refugee camp. 


As attacks against Palestinians on the part of the IOF continue to escalate, the onus on international bodies to take urgent and decisive action, and to ensure that these killings and attacks do not continue with impunity in the face of international silence increases also. 


ICJP’s Director and Member of Parliament for Reigate, Crispin Blunt, said; 

“How has this operation done anything except make the situation worse? These killings in Occupied Territory further undermine Israel’s legal and moral credibility and deepen the well of hatred.” 


According to data compiled by news outlet Middle East Eye, the IOF killed more Palestinians in the occupied West Bank last year (2022) than in any year since the Second Intifada came to an end in 2005. 


Over 220 people were killed in Israeli attacks across the Occupied Territory last year, 48 of them children.